Timber Pest Inspections

Visual timber pest inspections, also referred to as pre-purchase pest inspections, are typically conducted as a requirement for the sale of Perth properties. Visual timber pest inspections may also be requested if homeowners are involved in refinancing transactions, or have found evidence of timber pest damage and have concerns about their home.

The main objective of a timber pest inspection is to identify, and report on, the existence of past or present activity and/or damage to a home caused by three of the most destructive timber destroying agents – termites, borers and wood decay fungi.

At WA Pestsaway Joondalup, our pest control technicians are trained in conducting full visual timber pest inspections and all our timber pest inspections are carried out in accordance with the Australian Standards’ AS3660.2 and AS4349.3.

When conducting timber pest inspections, WA Pestsaway Joondalup’s trained technicians visually identify, and provide a written report on, the following:

  • the presence of activity or damage caused by termites, borers or wood decay fungi
  • evidence of a prior timber pest history or problem
  • conditions that may make the home more susceptible to timber pests, and
  • any areas of the property that impeded the inspection (this is particularly important for prospective home buyers as it may influence their purchasing decision)

If you are purchasing a home or have concerns about termites, borers or wood decay in your current home, a visual timber pest inspection by WA Pestsaway Joondalup is an important first step in the long-term protection of your home against destructive timber pests.

For all timber pest inspections, please call WA Pestsaway Joondalup on 0419 374 374