Pest Library


AntsAnts are typically considered a nuisance pest throughout Perth and Joondalup, however they can cause damage around homes and gardens and, in some circumstances, become a health risk…more


CockroachesCockroaches belong to a primitive group of insects dating back more than 300 million years. A single female can produce more than 20,000 young per year, and they are known to transmit a number of diseases…more


FleasFleas are small, blood-sucking insects that can be found both indoors and outdoors, and can multiply to plague proportions in a short space of time…more


MillipedesThe word millipede means “thousand feet” and, although not harmful to humans, pest millipedes can multiply to plague proportions in a short space of time and often invade homes and gardens between autumn and spring…more

Rats and Mice

Rats and MiceRats and mice are omnivorous scavengers that can multiply rapidly, and are capable of damaging property, eating and contaminating foods, and spreading disease…more


SilverfishSilverfish are small, silver-coloured, flattened insects that invade buildings and cause damage to a range of starchy materials including books, photographs, linen and wallpaper…more


SpidersSpiders differ from insects as they have eight jointed legs and two main body parts. Almost all spiders are venomous and, although most spider bites only cause localised swelling or irritation, there are a number of spiders who have venom that is extremely toxic…more


TermitesTermites are highly destructive timber pests that can cause major structural damage to homes and businesses…more


WaspsWasps are flying insects that build their nests in sunny locations around homes and businesses, and will attack and sting humans if approached or disturbed…more

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