Rodents (Rats and Mice)

RodentsRats and mice are omnivorous scavengers that are primarily nocturnal and live together in nests built in a range of indoor and outdoor locations including cavity walls, roof voids, subfloor areas, stored food areas, garbage dumps and rubbish heaps. Rodents are prolific breeders and are capable of multiplying to plague proportions within a few short months.

Types of Rodents

Across Australia, there are many species of rodents, however only a few are considered pests in urban areas. Throughout Joondalup and the northern suburbs of Perth, most rodent problems are caused by the:

House Mouse

Small, brown-grey mouse (60 – 95mm long, head-body). Large ears, pointed snout, tail same length as body. A major pest in food storage, urban, industrial and agricultural environments. Often found within buildings in cavity walls, roof voids, in stored foods and within soft furniture.

Norway Rat

Also referred to as the Sewer Rat, Brown Rat or Water Rat. Large, red-brown rat (180 – 250mm long, head-body). Small ears, blunt snout, tail shorter than body. Often found in warehouses, factories, supermarkets, domestic residences, sewers and garbage dumps.

Roof Rat

Also referred to as the Black Rat or Ship Rat. Small rat (150 – 210mm, head-body). Grey, black or brown in colour. Large ears, pointed snout, tail longer than body. Excellent climbers. Often found indoors in high places such as roof voids, false ceilings and the upper parts of tall buildings.

Problems caused by Rodents

For most people, rats or mice become a problem when they enter buildings in search of food and water. Rats and mice will eat and contaminate stored foods, cause physical damage to property through gnawing and pose a serious health threat to humans through the transmission of diseases such as salmonella, Weil’s disease, murine typhus, infectious jaundice and tapeworm.

If you have concerns about rats and mice, please call WA Pestsaway Joondalup on 0419 374 374