MillipedesMillipedes are herbivorous invertebrates that are mostly found in cool, moist environments such as leaf litter, organic mulch, or densely weeded areas. They are typically black or brown in colour, cylindrical in shape and have multiple body segments with two pairs of legs per segment.

Types of Millipedes

Across Australia, there are 9 recorded species of millipedes, however only one is considered a pest in urban areas. Throughout Joondalup and the northern suburbs of Perth, millipede problems are caused by:

Portuguese Millipedes

Small, slate grey / black millipede. Smooth and cylindrical in shape, 20 – 45mm long. Congregate in large numbers and will invade homes and gardens in their thousands between autumn and spring. Not harmful to humans but will discharge a foul-smelling yellowish secretion when disturbed or threatened which may stain clothes or irritate the skin.

Problems caused by Millipedes

For most people, millipedes become a problem when they invade homes and gardens in plague numbers. When plague infestations occur, numbers of millipedes can be so great that the ground can appear to be a wriggling black carpet. Although not harmful to humans, plague numbers of millipedes can result in contamination of foods or infestations in carpets and/or bedding. Plague numbers of millipedes can destroy seedlings and have been known to destroy fruit and vegetable crops.

If you have concerns about millipedes, please call WA Pestsaway Joondalup on 0419 374 374