Pre-construction Termite Treatments

Current Australian Building Code standards stipulate that preventative measures against termite infestation must be incorporated during the construction of new buildings.

Across Perth and Joondalup, the most common construction method for new buildings is the “slab on ground” method. As the majority of termite damage to buildings is caused by subterranean termites, it is recommended that measures be taken to stop termites gaining access to premises from the underlying soil.*

At WA Pestsaway Joondalup, our trained technicians recommend the installation of chemical soil barriers underneath concrete slabs as the most effective pre-construction treatment against termite infestation. All WA Pestsaway Joondalup’s chemical barrier pre-treatments are installed prior to the concrete slab being poured and all treatments are carried out in accordance with the Australian Standard 3660.1.

For all pre-construction termite treatments, please call WA Pestsaway Joondalup on 0419 374 374

* It is important to note that the protection of homes and buildings against termite infestation requires an integrated approach. Whilst pre-construction treatments provide a protective chemical barrier against termite infestation from underneath the concrete slab, WA Pestsaway Joondalup recommends the installation of a chemical barrier around the perimeter of the completed premises, as well as annual termite inspections.